BioPharm Laboratories was founded by accomplished biomedical scientists from US, Italy, UK and India for the purpose of developing novel tools personalizing treatment, in particular cancer, and for developing novel drugs for cancer based on seminal discoveries of its Scientific Founders
Cancer is a highly heterogeneous disease. No two person’s cancer is alike thereby requiring personalized solutions for managing the disease rather than the current trial-and-error method. To this end, the Company is developing or has developed several proprietary novel in-vitro diagnostic tests for predicting sensitivity to drugs, particularly chemotherapeutics, determine metastatic status of at the time of diagnosis of the disease and early detection of certain cancers. The hallmark of many of the Company’s tests are that they rely on the composite score of the levels of several cancer markers rather than single ones. Single tumor markers have very poor predictability.

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“Pipeline products”.
The Company aims to undertake pre-clinical and early clinical development of novel drug candidates for treating cancer. To this end, the Company has certain pre-clinical molecules developed by its Scientific Founders which have been shown to be powerful anti-metastatic agents. These agents are based on the discovery of a novel pathway for metastasis. Animal studies have shown these compounds to severely inhibit metastasis and growth of tumor at concentrations that show no apparent side effects. The products await clinical development.
Biopharm has close collaborative relationship and technology licensing agreements with Mir Lifescience Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore-based biotech company, which shares co-founders and shareholders. Mir Lifescience is in the process of validating or launching several of Biopharm’s diagnostic tests in Indian.