Gab2 test:
Breast cancer is often detected in its early-stages before it has metastasized. These patients require only surgery; however, most receive chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy after surgery unnecessarily. Gab2 test accurately identifies which patient requires chemotherapy or radiation therapy and which doesn’t thereby avoiding the side effects associated with the treatment and unnecessary costs. The test also predicts who is likely to be disease free for over 10 years with just surgery alone. While there are 3 other tests for predicting metastasis in the market, Gab2 test can be applied to broader sub-types of breast cancer and also seems to be more accurate in predicting probability of metastasis and 10 year survival. Furthermore, Gab2 would be priced at 1/8th the cost of the competing tests thereby making if more affordable in India (where it will be launched first) and even most of the other countries. The original Gab2 test invented by Prof Enzo Medico has been further modified and improved into a simple real-time PCR-based simple test that uses formalin fixed tissue biopsies.