BPL-M7 (Anti-metastasis inhibitor)
Metastasis is the primary cause of death from cancer. Nearly all cancer drugs are designed to inhibit growth of tumor cells or destroy them, while hardly any are directed towards preventing metastasis.

BPL-M7 is a small molecule compound that works through stabilizing the tight-junctions that hold cells together (there is weakening of the Tight-junctions in tumor leading to cancer cells getting disseminated). The drug candidate was developed based on the seminal discovery of the role of certain tumor growth factors in destabilizing Tight-junctions. BPL-M7 is one of a member of related synthetic molecules which was shown to be highly effective in blocking metastasis of prostate cancer in two animal models when administered in pharmacologically-relevant doses over a 30-day period with no apparent side effects. It also inhibited the growth of the primary tumor. The drug could be ideal for combination therapy with conventional drugs or as consolidation therapy to remove residual cancer cells left in the body after chemotherapy or surgery. While the initial indication for the drug would be prostate cancer, the Company also plans to clinically develop BPL-M7 or its newer more potent analogs for other cancers as well in the future.