According to US FDA, 80% of the chemotherapy drugs are ineffective in a particular patient or are poorly effective. ATP-TCA test will help to identify the drug or combination of drugs most likely to work and avoid drugs that have no chance of working by testing the drugs directly on cells derived from a patient’s tumor. Clinical trial data published in peer-reviewed journal have demonstrated that ATP-TCA test could identify effective chemotherapy drugs in patients who were otherwise unresponsive to standard chemotherapy. 56% of heavily pre-treated advanced ovarian cancer patients, who were unresponsive to physician’s choice therapy, responded when the drug identified by ATP-TCA test was administered. Therefore, the test could be of help in identifying effective chemotherapy treatment for those who are otherwise considered unresponsive. The test involves culturing the tumor cells collected from a patient in a proprietary medium, which key to the test, and testing various drugs or combination of drugs to find the most effective drug for that patient.