Prof. Ian A Cree BMSc, MB ChB, PhD, FRCPath, FRCOPath.
Prof Cree holds the Chair and Professor position at the Pathology Department , at Warwick University, UK, one of the most prestigious University and Hospital in the UK Prior to his position at Warwick University, he was Head of Molecular Pathology at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK, one of the largest hospitals in the South of England. He is leading authority in the world on chemosensitivity assays and his seminal work in this field has led to some our basic understanding on how tumor cells become chemo-resistant. He has made important inventions including methods to predict drug response in cancer patients have been exclusively licensed to Biopharm Laboratories. He is the author of numerous publications and recipient of several prestigious awards. He is a scientific co-founder of BioPharm Laboratories
Prof. Antonio Ponzetto, MD.
Prod Ponzetto is a Professor of Gastroenterology, University of Turin, Italy. He is a co-discoverer of hepatitis delta virus and has made major discoveries in viral hepatitis, helicobacter pylori infection and stem cells. His work on cancer stem cells – the new and vital culprit in cancer cell survival – is already showing an effect in clinical management of some cancers by employing simple drugs coupled with advanced diagnostics. He is the author of more than 200 important scientific publications, many of them in prestigious journals. He is also an advisor to the Italian Ministry of Health. He is a Co-founder of BioPharm Laboratories
Prof. Girish V. Shah, Ph.D.
Prof. Shah holds a Distinguished Endowed Chair position at the University of Louisiana. He is a well-respected scientist with more than 100 publications in top scientific journals, holds major positions at the University and Advisor to US Govt’s National Institutes of Health among other positions, holder of several patents. He has made numerous discoveries in the cancer field including discovery a fundamental mechanism of metastasis and the pathways in cancer cells that activate such pathways. He also discovered a novel small-molecule drug candidate (in development) to interfere with the metastatic process, which is expected to have a significant impact on the treatment of cancer. He also discovered a novel highly sensitive and specific marker for early detection of prostate cancer which would be useful for screening populations at risk for prostate cancer. The marker has been integrated in a novel mutil-test highly sensitive point-of-care device that he co-invented.
Prof. Enzo Medico, MD.,
Professor, University of Turin and Cancer Research Center (IRC), Turin. He is at the forefront of developing novel platforms for personalizing cancer treatment and a key collaborator in the project. His Gab-2 classifier (licensed to Biopharm Laboratories), which can predict if breast cancer will spread or not and if first-line chemotherapy drugs will work in a particular patient, is undergoing expanded clinical trials prior to approval for marketing. His research has led to a key discoveries in our understanding of some of the basic molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis.
Prof. Moni A Kuriakose, MB ChB, FDSRCS, FFDRCS, FRCS Ed, FRCS.
Prof. Kuriakose is the Director of Surgical Oncology at Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Research Centre, Bangalore, a 1400-bed cancer hospital, which he helped set up. It is the largest cancer specialty center in India with advanced research capabilities and on track to become one of the largest cancer centres in the world. He was the secretary of the National Head and Neck Cancer Association, India, an association of 600 surgical and medical oncologists. He is also an Adj. Professor at the New York University and Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo. He is a highly accomplished Head and Neck cancer surgeon and research scientist with numerous scientific publications. Two of his inventions have been licensed to Biopharm Laboratories.
Biopharm has close collaborative relationship and technology licensing agreements with Mir Lfiescience Pvt Ltd., a Bangalore-based biotech company including common co-founders and shareholders. Mir Lifescience is in the process of validating or launching several of Biopharm’s diagnostic tests in Indian patients.